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"I live life in freedom now knowing that my son can take responsibility, carry it out in sequential order, give commands where needed, ask for assistance to whom needed and accomplish/finish tasks with grace and poise. He could leave home now. My job is done. 

It is like he has embodied the whole concept of the teachings of Martial Arts. 

I love living with this child. I have never been able to say that before now because of the stress. He has direction and something to achieve." 



"Our son held his 5th birthday party at SOFMA and had a fantastic time. Everything was extremely well organised with the space set up when we arrived. All the children were entertained for the entire party, allowing the parents to relax. We can’t thank you enough for putting a big smile on everyone’s faces."


"With the help of Renshi and SOFMA, our son had a wonderful 5th birthday with 15 friends.  Renshi and the SOFMA team kept all the kids busy and engaged for the whole party, culminating with our son cutting his cake with a real samurai sword (under supervision of Renshi).  The organisation of the party was well managed by SOFMA and took the pressure off us parents, which allowed us to enjoy watching our son enjoy his party.  Thanks Renshi and SOFMA!"

-Matt & Lauren


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