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Join your martial arts child in a lesson!

A fun, energetic and informative session alongside your child. A great way of being involved in your child’s martial arts progress.

Learn the correct techniques so you can help your child at home!

Parents will learn self defence moves too!

The objective of this class is to have fun with your child on a physical level that will suit you both!

What a great way to lead by example!

"Renshi Glen has been associated with the Quintilian School for a number of years and i have used Renshi Glen for six years. He has come to the school to teach his martial arts lessons and we also travel to the Dojo, as it is only a short drive from our school and it was so well equipped. 

Renshi Glen is always positive, friendly and fair when teaching the children. All classes i have had that Renshi has taught, the children have all respected him and looked up to him. His lessons are always organised and well structured, suiting the children's abilities.

I think Renshi Glen does a wonderful job teaching the children about safety, discipline and respect. I will continue using Renshi Glen and would highly recommend him to other schools or centres."

- Victoria Hickey (The Quintilian School)

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Renshi Glen for the past three years. He is an excellent teacher who delivers his program professionally and has a lovely manner with the children. They really enjoy the classes and the benefits on the children include a positive belief in themselves, an increase in self-esteem, regulation of their emotions and improvement in their behaviour.

This is the third year he has taken my Year 4 class for the eight week S.T.A.Y S.A.F.E Program. This course is designed to meet the outcome of the Australian Curriculum in the Health and Physical Education Personal and Social Capability Strand. Each week has a focus lesson on topics such as stranger danger, self-defence,making responsible decisions, regulating emotions and handling challenging situations. He has also conducted many workshops at our school for Harmony Day and Multicultural Day over the past 6 years. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Renshi Glen and his Phillips Dojo Program to any individual, group or school."

Assistant Principal: Nicky Sullivan (St Thomas Primary School) 

"Over the past 3 years I have been taking my Year 2 students to Philips Dojos as part of our Health and Physical Education program. The students participate in an 8 week program to not only develop their martial arts skills; but also life-skills, self-confidence, resilience and disipline. 

This program is outstanding. It offers a perfect balance of physical activity and class discussion which ensures the children are constantly engaged and enthusiastic about what they are learning. Every child is given a chance to succeed in a non-competitive environment. 

Our instructor Renshi Glen is fantastic with the children. He is highly professional and passionate about delivering a high quality experience for all children. He instantly develops a rapport with the children, gaining their respect with his firm but fair approach to class management. He has become a positive male role model to all of our students who continue to actively display his message in their everyday lives.

I have found the program to be particularly beneficial to students who may have difficulty learning in a typical classroom environment. It is suited perfectly to kinesthetic learners and when the children enter the space they are instantly focused, engaged and enthusiastic about the lesson. 

I highly recommend Renshi Glen's Martial Arts program for primary aged students."

-Year 2 Teacher: Mandy Simmons (Quintilian School)

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