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S.T.A.Y  S.A.F.E Program

Program Options:

  1. 6, 8 or 10 week term – class sessions: 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. Talk to individual class (20 minutes – 1hr) on self-defence/anti-bullying / stranger danger
  3. Demonstration of self-defence/ anti-bullying / stranger danger at assembly (20 minutes)
  4. Multi-Cultural Day Presentation: 40 minutes per class rotating through all classes.

 ** These programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your school.

The program caters for children aged 4 -16 using an age-appropriate syllabus.  My experience (as the operator of a martial arts school for the past 15 years that have had students ranging in ages from 4 – adult) allows me to adjust my presentation skills accordingly.

The School of Freestyle Martial Arts S.T.A.Y  S.A.F.E program complements the Australian Curriculum in the following ways. Within the Health and Physical Education learning area of the Australian Curriculum, our program falls under both the personal, social and community health strand and the movement and physical activity strand.

Personal and social capability is one of the seven general capabilities which form a key dimension of the Australian Curriculum. Our talk topics cover many of the practices suggested including: regulating emotions, making responsible decisions and handling challenging situations.

Location Options:

School of Freestyle Martial Arts – 14 Government Road Nedlands.
  1. The Dojo has two matted areas totalling 200 square metres catering specifically for martial arts training.
  2. The Dojo is fitted with the required equipment to support the STAY SAFE program.
  3. All amenities and first aid equipment available.
  4. Bus parking is available at the ‘front door’.
Your school
  1. A large, clear, indoor area is required (ideally carpet / matted floor).
  2. Some techniques may not be able to be taught on hard surfaces.


  1. All students under the instruction of Renshi Glen whether training at his dojo or your school are covered by his business insurance
  2. All care is taken to ensure safety while training by; an awareness of the age, size and gender of students, heightened spatial awareness and choosing appropriate tactics to teach.


price may vary depending on:

  • which program you require
  • whether it is a long term or short term plan
  • number of participants
  • where the program will be run

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