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Student of the month

Daniel Welch
Student of the Month for April 2021

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January        Eden Haythorpe
February      Robert Crew
March          Harry Smith
April            Finlay Crampton
May             Lucinda Buckland
June            Arabella Haythorpe
July             David Martino
August         Daniel Walker
September   Kerry Miller
October       Lachlan Mitchell
November    Heath Smyth
December    Connor Phillips


January        Lars Van Der Sar
February      Annie Sutherland
March          Sami Keys
April            Aden Cleghorn
May             Orlando Phillips
June            Pearce Mullan
July             Paige Flowerdew
August         Cameron Smith
September   Hugh Van Dar Sar
October       Xavier Jansen
November    Isabella Mizera
December    Travis Richardson


January       Hayley Smith
February     Tyler Thomas 
March         James Purdy
April           James Frayne
May            Aiden Rynne
June           Izumi Lewis
July            Jack Christie
August        Lottie Kerr
September   Luc Hellier
October       Rex Hogan
November    Emily McAuliffe
December    Ben Sizoo


January         Leila Mullan
February       Oliver Campbell
March           Daniel Eley
April             Jasper Hogan

May              Oliver Richardson
June             Jack Collis
July               Eleanor Crew
August          Theo Constantine
September     Scarlet Sweeny
October         Luella Klepec
November      Patrick McAuliffe
December      Noah Davey


January         Joris Keultjes
February       James Yu
March           Abbie Mullan
April             George Sharrin
May             Alpha Hailu 
June            Amy Searle
July             Patrick Murphy
August         Alex Bateman
September    Madison Turbull
October        Eli Cumming
November    Jazmin Mackenzie
December     Daniel Edmondson


January        Luka Reilly
February       Ashton Ang
March          Charlotte Sharrin
April            Julius Murray
May             Lachlan Murphy
June            Cleo Demonchaux
July             Davin Storey
August         Lachlan Giles
September   Edward Searle
October       Griffen Roberts
November    Benjamin Sharrin
December    James Knights


January        Lucas Afflick
February      Mils Anderson
March          Diren Luiten
April            Lucas Hillbeck
May             Noah McLernon
June            Marcus Panzich
July             Saira Luiten

August         Zavin Wasson

September   Charles Knights

October       Richard McDiven

November    Miller Duffield

December    Thomas Duffield


January         Aden Divich      
February       Miles Hunt
March           Ella Baws
April             Nika Reilly
May              Lauren Smyth
June             Omega Hailu
July              Parker Davey

August          Ewan Fisher

September    Alicia Manford

October        Lila Aylmore

November     Zachary Marron

December     Duncan Thomson


January         Ethan O’Neil    
February        Francois Demonchaux
March            Isaac Fisher
April              Benjamin Yates
May              Zoey Chooi
June             Annalise Marron
July              Andrew Doogue

August          Luke Redgrave

September    Thomas Kirwan

October         Tyler Shearer

November      Winston Oudejans

December      Felix Baws


January         Miranda Wong 
February        Calvin Markle
March            Andrew Doogue
April              Daniel Welch
May              Jun Chan
June             Ben Jennings
July              Olivia Bessant

August         Deon De Jager





Printing from any web page is often unpredictable as an alternative try clicking here on our "Printer Friendly Page" link if you have any problems printing directly from this page.