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Ladies Self-defence Workshop

Self-defence is a skill better to have and not need to use, than to need and not know how to.

This is a completely FREE event.                               Date: TBA -  2020

No expirence is required                                                        Time: 12:30pm 

No fitness required 

All ages 16+ are welcome

Women ONLY

About this Event 

This 1.5 hour course covers:

  • verbal judo
  • the A,B,C's of self-defence 
  • grabs from the back and front 
  • ground defence 


"I loved the self-defence session at SOFMA, it was a great experience and I would encourage everyone to go and do it. I left feeling more confident in protecting myself and others, and had fun at the same time. I will definitely be going again." - Lauren

"Such and empowering session - I came away feeling much more aware of my capabilities, plus it was heaps of fun! Will definitely be attending the next session. Highly recommended!" - Marie 

"The class was so helpful and Glen really knew what he was teaching, we had so much fun learning different techniques. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends"- Chloe

"This workshop has taught me valuable life skills and given me the confidence to use them. Would highly recommend!!! Absolutely loved it!!!" - Ghislaine


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